Extension Cord

Stay Connected

I was reading John 15:5-7 which talks about Jesus being the vine and we are the branches. Since I don’t have a long background in gardening, these agricultural pictures will most of the time leave me more confused than enlightened. But I really wanted to understand how this verse works in my world because the results of remaining in Jesus is that we can ask for whatever we wish and it will be given to us. Now that is an awesome promise……and just a bit hard to believe. But I decided long ago to believe the Bible over my own thoughts. So, how does this work?

The Holy Spirit gave me a more modern picture. An extension cord. God is the source. Jesus is God but as a human he was also plugged into God as an example for us. We are called to be plugged into Jesus. If we are an extension of, or plugged into, Jesus then of course we would have access to all that God has. It is just flowing  through us. Like electricity or love or revelation or ……  Wow! Now the question is how to I remain plugged in?

It all seems to come down to words. Reading God’s word so I can understand Him and know who He is and how He he wants things. Following His commands. Praying. Listing for his still small voice and sharing my heart with Him. These words come in pictures for some of us……like an extension cord being plugged into an outlet. For others in comes in actions, like taking the trash cans in for a neighbor or getting yourself plugged back into a church body. No matter how you get plugged into God, being plugged into the source of all life and love is the way to escape a dead life!


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