Vision * Healing * Journey


Knowing God's plan for your life is the first step of the journey. How can you make the trip without a direction?  Prov 29:18 a


If you have a clear vision but are too damaged to make the trip, then you'll never arrive. Healing wounds, taking authority, and transforming our thinking is vital to completing the journey.

The Journey

The longest part of our lives is the journey. This is where we learn to follow God, learn His ways, and master them. We take dominion for our Lord.

Customer Reviews

Talking with Jennifer has been life-changing for me! An absolute God send! I no longer struggle with anxiety!!! And no more panic attacks! My healthy and outlook has drastically changed, not to mention my relationship with the Lord has improved drastically! I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Amy S Texas

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There are not enough words to describe what Jennifer has done for me through the emotion code. I cannot express my gratitude for the many hours she has spent with me on the phone, it’s simply not enough to say thank you, for this has been priceless and life changing, not only in my walk with God but how my physical body responds to my own thought process. Good or bad it comes out. She has helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses. Creating the blue print in my mind, filtering my belief system, being more aware. Planting what I want to sew, teaching me how to use my God given authority and God’s way of doing it. Setting boundaries, giving me word pictures, how I can help others to see how to understand me. Be present in the moment, shifting my focus, breaking generational curses, and forgiving myself. My husband, my sister and our 2 dogs have been through this too! I’m excited about moving into our abundance. Thank you again Jennifer Stauth.

Patty Indiana
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