I Can’t Hear You! – James 1: 19 – 25

I Can't Hear You!

James 1: 19-25

Section 1 – Monday
Read James 1: 19 - 25

I’ll be using the NIV and the MSG versions.

Verse 19:

Ears →Mouth→Emotions

Understanding →Words→Anger

We are told that anger should come last...why?

Verse 20:

If anger does not produce reconciliation with God, what does?

What emotion prompted God to send Jesus to save us?

Verse 21:

What are we to say Yes to and what are we to say No to? What will happen to us if we accept the good and block the bad?

I have worked with many people that have their door on backwards! They say Yes to bad and No to good. If you are struggling with this issue, please book a free 1/2 hour appointment with me so we can turn this around.

Verse 22:

How would you know if you were deceiving yourself about hearing the Word?

Verses 23 & 24

My husband and I have taken many classes on investing in Real Estate. Since we have taken the classes, we have not invested in any Real Estate. Are we investors? If we hear the word and don't act on the word, are we disciples? We may be missing the discipline in discipleship or we may not be truly hearing or believing. I got a Facebook notification from my mother that said she won a bunch of money. Did I call her and congratulate her. No, I called her and told her that her account had been hacked. When you hear the Word, do you put it into practice right away? If not, why don't you?

Verse 25:

What does it take to be blessed in the Word?

Hear →Do

Section 2 – Friday
Reread James 1: 19 -25

What did you notice, practice or share this week? How did that impact you?
How has your understanding of these scriptures changed this week?
What new questions or beliefs do you have?

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