Why Is This Happening to Me??? – James 1:13-18

Why Is This Happening To Me?

James 1:13 – 18

Section 1 – Monday

Read James 1:13-18

I’ll be using the NIV and the MSG versions.

We started this series of James looking at the purpose of going through difficult times. You can click HERE to read the post. Next we looked at how to go through difficult times. For that post, click Here. This week we will be looking at one of the reasons we have difficulties.

In verse 13, We are told the one place that temptations (invitations to sin) do not come from. Where is it? Why does temptation not come from God?

Verse 14 tells us where temptation comes from. Where does it come from?

Verse 15 tells us what will happen if we act of the temptation. It looks like this:

temptation (lust) ➡ pregnant ➡ baby (sin) ➡ death

Temptation is not a sin. We are all tempted. But if we give that temptation our time, attention and thought life, it will produce sin over time. The sin is the action we take. If we practice that action, it will produce a spiritual death and eventually could result in a physical death. 1 Cor 10:13 tells us that temptations we face are common to all people. God provides an escape route. But we must make a choice which direction we want to go. At each stage we can turn away but the further we have gone the more consequences we may have to face.

Verse 16 tells us not to be deceived. What deception do you think is being revealed here? Is there a place in your life that you are walking in deception?

In verse 17 we find out where the good gifts come from. Where do good gifts come from? Why do you think it is important to know that good gifts come from God and that he doesn’t change?

Verse 18 contrasts verse 15. Verse 18 looks like this:

God’s desire ➡ Word of Truth ➡First fruit ➡ Life

Who else was called the Word of Truth and a First Fruit? What has to replace temptation to produce life instead of death in us?

For the week, choose an area of temptation or desire that is causing issues for you. Can you replace the temptation with a Word of Truth?  Come back on Friday and post what you have learned.

Section 2 – Friday
Reread James 1:13-18

What did you notice, practice or share this week? How did that impact you?
How has your understanding of these scriptures changed this week?
What new questions or beliefs do you have?

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