Tests & Challenges – James 1:1-4

Section 1 – Monday
Read James 1:1-4

I’ll be using the NIV and the MSG versions.

In verse 1, James says he is a servant or slave to God and Jesus. What are some of the behaviors that you would expect to see from someone who is acting as a servant or slave? Do you see these behaviors in your life towards God and Jesus? Do you see these behaviors in your life towards someone or something else besides God and Jesus?

In verse 2, we are told to consider trials (tests and challenges) a pure joy or a sheer gift. How to you think about tests or challenges in your life? What are your emotions and attitude like because of the way your are thinking?

Verse 3 tells us that challenges produce perseverance. Have you ever been stuck in a situation that was difficult? How did that situation change you? The Message tells us that our faith-life is forced into the open and shows it’s true colors when we are under pressure. What advantage could this give us?

In verse 4, James asks you to do one thing. What is it? Why are you to do what he asks? Notice that you are not lacking anything when you are mature.


For the week, choose one of the concepts from above to notice, practice or share with someone. Come back on Friday and post what you have learned.

Section 2 – Friday
Reread James 1:1-4

What did you notice, practice or share this week? How did that impact you?
How has your understanding of these scriptures changed this week?
What new questions or beliefs do you have?

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