Get a Life! – James 1:5-12

Get a Life!

James 1:5-13

Section 1 – Monday

Read James 1:5-12

I’ll be using the NIV and the MSG versions.

Last week, we read in James 1:1-4 the purpose of going through difficult times. If you missed it, click here. This week we are going to look at how we go though difficult times.

In verse 5, what are we told to do if we don't know what to do? If we ask God for help, how will he treat us and why does he treat us that way?

Verse 6 explains one reason we may not be receiving the help we are asking for. What is that reason? Let's say God started walking over to your house to give you what you asked for and you changed your mind before he got there. So he turned around and started walking home. Then you decided you wanted the thing again so he turned back to start walking towards your house. Then doubt came........Eventually, I think God would sit down at a local cafe with a great cup of coffee and wait until you settled it in your heart. So it would probably be best to settle in your heart first and then ask with confidence!

Verse 8 says that if we keep changing our minds, we are unstable in all we do. The Message says that we are keeping all our options open. What does this say about our trust in God?

Verse 9 - 11 talks about two types of people at extreme ends of the spectrum. Since God is interested in our heart condition, what are the two types of people he is seeing? The down and out and the arrogant rich have the same problem. Neither one of them are relying on the power of God. So, we are to rejoice when these people start moving in the right direction. Money is power in the worldly system. It is a perversion of the true kingdom power called blessing. The blessing, or favor of God, includes all good things including money, health, relationships, and a sound mind.

Verse 12 tells us the reward for "persevering under trial" (NIV) or meets a testing challenge head on and manages to stick it out"(Msg)? Life and more life.

So.....what can we do as Christians stuck in a difficult situation when we don't know what to do? Who is our help? What is our reward for sticking it out?

Meet challenges head-on →stick it out →get a life and more life!


For the week, choose an area of life that is a struggle for you. Ask the Lord for his help. Come back on Friday and post what you have learned.






Section 2 – Friday
Reread James 1:5-12

What did you notice, practice or share this week? How did that impact you?
How has your understanding of these scriptures changed this week?
What new questions or beliefs do you have?

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