Posted on December 10, 2023

Covid Recovery Stories: How Long-Hauler Sandra Regained her Mobility, Energy & Taste

Sandra, an anthropologist with a school-aged daughter, says she was healthy before being infected with COVID-19. Over the course of eleven awful months, Sandra’s experience of long-haul covid spiralled down into worsening cognitive and physical disability.

It was only after taking the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS) program online that she made her way to full recovery from Long-Covid. Listen as she shares her journey in the video below:

A summary of Sandra’s recovery from Long-Covid using DNRS:

Sandra’s Long-Covid symptoms included

  • Initial loss of taste and smell
  • Headaches
  • Eye irritation
  • A blocked ear
  • Gut issues
  • Brain fog
  • Amnesia
  • Fatigue & weakness.
  • Sensitivities to light, sound & smells
  • Numbness in her hands & face
  • Insomnia
  • Blood pressure that had “gone haywire”

Sandra lost control of her legs. “They just wouldn’t do what I wanted them to do— as if the signal from my brain didn’t reach all the way.” She had difficulty balancing, and was too weak to stand up.”

Cognitively, she was impaired enough to call it “dementia.” She forgot how to write. “I couldn’t remember what letters looked like, or how to shape them with a pen.”

At her worst, she says, “I was fully disabled. I was in a wheelchair, I could hardly move… I’ve never been so miserable in all my life,” Sandra says of her ordeal.

Yet all of the diagnostic tests kept coming back normal. “Being knowledgeable about my condition— and being a researcher by education— gave me a slight advantage in my encounters with the health practitioners,” she says. “But unfortunately, there are so many other people suffering from long covid out there, whose symptoms are only psychologized.”

Recover from long covid

Eventually, a research scientist recommended Sandra try neuroplasticity training with the Dynamic Neural Retraining System as a rehabilitation for long covid.

When she learned about the limbic system of the brain, and how it can affect all systems in the body, “It made sense to me… I had gone through a very traumatic event with the covid 19 infection.” Sandra goes on to explain, “Long covid really displays a lot of different symptoms. They don’t seem to be related at all,” she explains. “So the cause of that has to be the brain.”

She started the DNRS program in February of 2021. After a few days, she was going for walks in the neighbourhood. A month later, she was back to work part time and working full time again by May. Sandra says within weeks, she had fully recovered from all of her symptoms, and enthusiastically recommends DNRS to other covid long-haulers who are suffering.

“Today, I lead a very active life,” Sandra says happily. “I play with my daughter, I can cook every day, I have energy to go on outings, take care of the house— everything I couldn’t do before.” She’s even taken a brand-new work position “that I never thought I would be able to do so soon, after having been so ill.”

Sandra follows a handful of other covid long-haulers who are implementing the DNRS program. “All of them are experiencing a positive change,” she reports. “Two of them have recovered fully within a few weeks.”

Her advice is to “give neuroplasticity training a go. I would recommend trying this non-invasive, very easy-to-follow program. It may take longer for some, but it can change your life, DNRS can give you your life back. I am fully restored and I’m looking forward to a lot of adventures with my daughter!”

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