Posted on October 7, 2019

Welcome Back

Paul has been using the Dynamic Neural Retraining System to recover from Mastocytosis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Food Sensitivities, Depression, Anxiety, and more.

Paul began experiencing symptoms associated with limbic system impairment fourteen years ago. “The first obvious a sign was in 2005. I slowly crashed into a fatigue and brain fog that lasted three months. I came out of that and felt ‘normal’ again, then three years later experienced a similar event, two months duration this time, which again resolved spontaneously.” Life resumed normally for Paul until he began noticing symptoms again in 2013. “Six years ago I started to notice some heat intolerance, not bad at first, but slowly getting worse so that by mid 2014 I was feeling critically overheated, flushing, or pale, and a feeling of impending doom. I got a diagnosis of Cutaneous Mastocytosis in 2015, and found a little relief, but my symptoms simply got worse over time. In 2018 I was diagnosed with mold toxin illness, but treatments didn’t make me better and I continued to slowly get worse.” Paul had visited many different doctors and specialists in search for answers, including an allergist who specializes in Mast Cell Activation disorders. As Paul describes, “The diagnosis is a bit of a medical curse, as the dharma is that most people don’t get cured of Mastocytosis, but rather find a way to minimize symptoms mainly by avoidance of triggers. So I had a belief from this that I was simply struck with mast cells releasing their chemicals inappropriately for the rest of my life.”

Paul found out about the DNRS program through his wife, who is a retired medical doctor. “She was researching online, and found an integrative functional doctor who specializes in Mast Cell Activation Disorder (MCAD), mold, Lyme Disease, all the chronic stuff we used to suffer from. Near the end of their consultation, he casually mentioned DNRS as something his patients who don’t respond well to other treatments find relief from. So the next day, there I am on the website, and I know I’ve found my path.”

Paul recently shared his exciting progress on our Community Forum. Although we recommend that people implement the program for a minimum of six months, for some, they will start to see profound changes before this time.

Hey all. I started the program four weeks ago today, and my life seems rather normal, or at least what I remember from long ago: normal for me is exuberant, friendly, a dancer, out visiting friends, enjoying the moment, enjoying the sunshine, and enthusiastic in everything I do. A full-on lover of life. I am all of these and so much more again, I am so grateful to recreate my being once again, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes: Here I am!

Friday night, my wife and I went out for a street party in town. Loud music, jammed streets, lots of friends hugging me, seeing me “back” in my joy. So we talked story, danced a bit, walked all about, and made dates for going over to two different friends’ houses for dinner this week – none of which would have happened just four weeks ago.
So hurrah for this sweet life! Hooray for Annie, and the whole DNRS program.

Aloha, y’all.

What is Paul’s message for those who are still suffering? “Someone once enrolled me in a personal growth program with these words: ‘You can either be, do, or have what you say you want in life, or you can have the reasons why not.’ I wanted healing. I wanted my life back. I had become a prisoner of my house. Mind you, I live in paradise, so it’s not a bad prison. But worse, I was a prisoner of my fear and anxiety. I already had all the reasons why not, but the thing I wanted, healing, spoke to me when I heard the testimonials of others. I wanted to discount them, with a sense of having tried so many things.

This one works. There are hundreds, likely thousands of us who have reclaimed our lives. You can do this. I had mostly given up hope, yet I did it. I am healing and it is a miracle of the highest order. If you are hesitant, remember a day before you had symptoms. You can experience these days of joy again and again.”

Paul also shared with us a recent milestone that brought him immense joy. “The best memory is of my wife waking to see me on the morning of Day 2 of the Online program. I had gone out in the garden to water, and the sun (my major trigger) was out and I stood in it for a short period of time to do the practice I had learned the day before, giggling and laughing because I was only getting hot. I wasn’t freaking into malaise and brain fog. I was laughing that I used to get ill doing this. So I went back to bed. My wife awoke, saw me and said, ‘Welcome back’ with the sweetest grin I had seen in years. I have been crying in joy ever since!”


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